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Why the floor "crack"

Why the floor "crack"

09 Jul 2020

Why the floor "crack"?

The house of a friend was decorated, because like wooden floor comfortable and warm feeling, spent high price to buy some brand real solid wood floor, originally happy live in, but the bedroom has an area to always be able to send out wood floor "crack" sound, though cannot hear clear by day, the sound in the evening is particularly obvious, let him be upset very much.

His first reaction is "floor quality has problem", the result changed wooden floor afresh, but still have abnormal sound, have to give up finally.

Actually, this is maybe not the quality problem of wooden floor really, however the  problem could be caused by the following a few respects.

01. The ground is uneven

Shops when sticking a floor, have a lot of decorate master to rush time limit for a project, perhaps appear in the process that decorate in early days again oversight, cement ground did not make level, basic level did not handle well, perhaps did not clear ash layer and local silt in time again, bring about ground uneven.Uneven ground, nature also affected later period install sticks wooden floor, make wooden floor becomes uneven, people walk on the floor, appear likely these different sound. Strictly speaking, the height difference of whole ground inside a room should be less than 3mm, so, before laying wooden floor, must undertake ground leveling first.

02. Improper treatment of moisture proof measures

Generally speaking, before wooden floor installs, need the working procedure of one step moistureproof, between wooden floor and keel shop installs moistureproof segregation layer, perhaps isolate layer undertakes sealing.If moistureproof processing is not in place, the moisture of the ground can let wooden keel wet, affect the form of wooden keel, affect the integral form of wooden floor thereby, cause different sound.

03. Unreasonable expansion joint reservation

Dry shrink wet bilges, heat bilges cold shrink are the natural attribute that wooden floor can exist, when the installer sticks wooden floor, if aperture is reserved unreasonable, too wide and too narrow, can cause late wood floor to appear vacancy is big, arch wait for a problem, walk on the wooden floor that presses mutually, have strange sound also not surprising. Accordingly, during the wood flooring installation, the master must consider the natural attribute of lumber, combine residential place to be located specific climate (north much dry, south much damp), and indoor function area is divided (the position that is close to kitchen, toilet is moist heavier), reasonable obligate is apt to expand and contract aperture.

04. Furniture placement

Large furniture is put unreasonable, for example, will overweight large furniture is put at both ends of wooden floor, make the wooden floor that is pressed for a long time cannot freely expand and contract, squeeze each other even, form local rise a drum, cause a sound thereby.

05, pavement technology is not standard

In wooden floor sale outfit process, the professional wood floor installation personnel is very important also.If the installer professional level is lower,  decoration technology is not standard, not in accordance with the relevant standards for work, it is possible to lead to some of the floor after the installation is loose, some of the more compact, and in the later use of the process of repeated extrusion to form abnormal sound.

So, when the wooden floor in the home appears "crack" when moving, must not identify at will is quality problem, need to combine actual situation however, find out the root, and solves "crack" problem finally.


You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.
You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.