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Multi-ply American Walnut Composite Floor
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Multi-ply American Walnut Composite Floor

/Wide plank American walnut engineered wood flooring/walnut parquet flooring

Wide plank American walnut engineered wood flooring/walnut parquet flooring

Solid wood composite floor surface layer has beautiful natural texture and delicate structure. Rich in changes, it also has beautiful and generous color. Compound wood flooring has appropriate elasticity and friction coefficient. Moreover, it can ease weight load of foot to get more comfortable feeling. After the use of three layers of solid wood laminate flooring, it can be refurbished for use by cutting and paint removing. Due to the excellent structural characteristics of solid wood composite floor, the stability of the floor is guaranteed technically. For 3-4mm surface layer, our flooring use precious wood such as walnut. The base material is 9-12mm, generally using eucalyptus and other fast-growing wood, and as a result, the comprehensive utilization rate of wood is greatly improved. This also saves a lot of precious wood and conforms to the national standard and the industrial policy. Real wood compound floor surface layer uses precious wood more and has characteristic color and design, decorative pattern, plus the design of surface structure. The introduction of dyeing technology makes the decorative performance of solid wood composite floor richer and more colorful.
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    UV oiled 3-6%
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    walnut layer
  • Installation:

    glue down
  • Warranty:

    25 years

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UV Oil finish has a very low build thickness (thin coat) which results in an attractive flooring type finish. The oil penetrates the surface of the wood, providing a luxurious appearance not seen in conventional UV Urethane floors. UV Oil Finish can achieve a very low gloss level, even 2-4% compared to UV urethane finishes between 15% and 60%, that reflects a minimal amount of light while still highlighting the natural beauty of the wood grain. Such a low gloss level is particularly beneficial when it comes to dents, dings, and other common house hold or commercial mishaps which are much less noticeable compared to high gloss level finishes. With UV Oil Finishes, less is better. Because UV Oil Finish is thin and flexible, it can handle impacts, conforming to the dent. The finish stays intact to continue protecting the wood rather than chipping or flaking away. UV Oil Finish is very environmentally friendly. It is made of 100% solids and contains no solvents or after cure products. There is no post-installation off gassing of any kind. One of the greatest benefits of UV Oil is its ease of repair. Conventional UV cured urethane finishes are extremely difficult to repair because of the thick finish on top of the wood. Once the finish is broken it is virtually impossible to touch up seamlessly, instead requiring sanding and recoating of the whole floor. UV Oil Finishes, however, are easy to repair and blend without any noticeable spots. It’s as easy as wiping touch-up oil on a cloth, rubbing it into the wood and letting it dry for one hour. Oil finishes are perfect for commercial applications such as restaurants, where there will be considerable wear on the floor. Hardwood floors will dent and scratch, but with a UV Oil Finish the floor can look almost new in no time.

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The floor adopts herringbone laying, which can enhance the sense of movement and three-dimensional feeling, so that the space has more visual tension. In mass-tone grey, white and black tie-in walnut, you may not feel amazing at the first sight, but you will find its charm when you observe it. Herringbone flooring has replaced the decorative effect of conventional carpets. Its natural characteristics make the space show a natural, healthy and noble temperament. It can be seen from the effect chart of the herringbone flooring that it is more beautiful and three-dimensional than that of the traditional linear paving. The arrangement between the floors is strewn at random and has unique personality, which adds a bit of interest to the interior space. There are a variety of ways to assemble herringbone. The traditional way to assemble herringbone is to use a single floor. We can also add more. Floor assembling can also be mixed, like different material pledges and different color, making individual character decorative pattern.

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Produced in North American, American walnut is known as the king of broadleaf wood. It takes about 100 years to grow to maturity and is one of the few planted and naturally regenerated trees in the United States. Since ancient times, walnut is the first selection material for western royal family noble to make furniture. In the 16th century, King of French Louie 15 was infatuated with walnut, creating the “walnut age” in furniture.   Walnut flooring is stable and its moisture content is low, so even if the climate is changeable, it is not easy to crack deformation. At the same time, strong compressive ability, durability and corrosion resistance are the main characteristics of walnut.   Walnut flooring is easy to construct and glue. Its shrinkage rate is small. It is also suitable for changeable climate environment. With excellent adsorption performance of paint and dye, walnut can obtain fantastic surface after polishing.   As the “Hermes” in the floor, walnut is costly and not swanking. Our walnut series wood flooring is rigorously balanced for increased stability. The pursuit of perfection is endless. The best goods are prepared for best you.


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Walnut is wearing the beautiful glossiness that makes a person amazing. Its generous parabolic pattern, like rivers, mountains and picture scrolls, filling with artistic beauty. Accordingly, the walnut wood flooring is elegant and precious, getting the love of elites. 1: walnut flooring + grey The overall space is dominated by black, white and gray, with black walnut flooring, forming a calm and great residential space. The dining room’s round walnut table, which echoes the floor, looks simple and sophisticated. 2: walnut flooring + emerald green A warm light luxury space is created by warm grey as the main body, emerald green furniture and walnut flooring. Brown coriaceous sofa matches log tea table, with our walnut flooring, creating levels and warmth.

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You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.
You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.